Abdullah Kumas
Assistant Professor of Accounting

Best paper Award at Graduate Student Research Day (shared), SMU, February 2008

Dedman College Travel Grant, SMU, April 2008

President's Volunteer Service Award, SMU, April 2008

Graduate Student Assembly Conference Presentation Travel Grant, SMU, November 2007 


"Aggregate Market Attention and Earnings Announcements" at the American Accounting Association, Washington DC, August 2012

"Reassessing the Effect of Bilateral Tax Treaties on U.S. FDI Activity" at the Texas Camp Econometrics XII, Houston, TX, February 2007

"The Failure of Public Unions in Turkey: An Instrumental Quantile Regression Approach" at the Southern Economic Association, New Orleans, LA, November 2007

"Asymmetric FDI and Withholding Tax Rates: Evidence from OECD" at the Midwest Economics Association, Chicago, IL, March 2008

Best paper Award at Graduate Student Research Day, SMU, Dallas, TX, February 2008 (shared)

Additional Publications

1. “It’s All in the Timing: Assessing the Impact of Bilateral Tax Treaties on US FDI Activity” with Daniel L. Millimet, in L. Sachs and K.P. Sauvant (eds.), The Effect of BITs and DTTs on FDI Flows, Oxford University Press, 2009.

2. “Trade Activity by Institutional Investors around Earnings Announcements” (with William Cready and Musa Subasi) Journal of Accounting Research 2014 (52): 877-909

Working Papers:

3. “Insider Trading Around Auto Recalls: Does Attentiveness Matter? with Sami Keskek (Asst. Prof. at the U. of Arkansas), Musa Subasi (Asst. Prof. at the U. of Maryland), and Omer Gokalp (Asst. Prof. at the Suffolk U.)

4. “Institutional Investor Trading Surrounding Auditor Going Concern Opinions” with Marshall Geiger (U of Richmond).

5. “Reassessing the Effects of Bilateral Tax Treaties on US FDI Activity: Quintile Treatment Effects” with Daniel Millimet Southern Methodist University.

6. “Aggregate Market Attention and Earnings Announcements” with William Cready

7. “Market Ambiguity and Information Demand by Individual Investors” Joyce Van Der Laan Smith (U of Richmond) and Rajib Hasan (University of Houston-CL)

8. “Product Complaints and Institutional Investors Trading Activity” Marshall Geiger (U of Richmond) and Sami Keskek (Asst. Prof. at the U. of Arkansas).

9. “Investor Participation Rate and Magnitude of Trading Volume” ” with William Cready and Musa Subasi-Assistant Professor at the U Of Maryland

Ph.D., University of Texas at Dallas
Ph.D., Southern Methodist University
M.S., Oklahoma State University
B.S., Bogazici University,Turkey
Contact Information
263 RSB
(804) 289-1762
Areas of Expertise
Accounting Restatements
Archival Financial Accounting
Trading Volume