Dr. Christopher L. Stevenson
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Chair, Department of Chemistry

Dr. Stevenson is interested in the development of spectroscopic methods which can rapidly and easily characterize samples, with a minimum of sample treatment required before the analysis. Typically these methods will be based on fluorescence spectroscopy, and may use a laser as the source and fiber optic "probe" of the sample. Research is concentrated into two main areas: 1) the analysis of complex mixtures using novel spectroscopic methods and modern data processing methods; and 2) the analysis of samples in a turbid medium. The primary application of Dr. Stevenson's research will be in the screening of environmental samples "in-field."

Ph.D., University of Florida
Contact Information
(804) 289-8635
(804) 287-1897 (Fax)
Areas of Expertise
Analytical Chemistry
Environmental Chemistry