Dr. Maria Esperanza Casullo
Visiting Scholar

Maria Esperanza Casullo is an associate professor at the Universidad Nacional de Río Negro in Argentina. She has a Ph.D. in government from Georgetown University. In 2013–14, she served as the Craig M. Cogut Visiting Professor of Latin American Politics at the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies at Brown University. A theorist by training, she specializes in populism. She has written both theoretical and comparative chapters and articles on populism, such as “¿En el nombre del pueblo? Por qué estudiar al populismo hoy” and “¿Liberal, Radical o Populista y Clientelar? Tres visiones sobre las relaciones entre estado y sociedad civil en Latinoamérica.” She is active in the press, with pieces such as “The Rise of Outsider Politicians” (with Flavia Freidenberg). Currently, she is working on a research project that focuses on the comparative study of right-wing populist movements in the US and Europe and left-leaning Latin American Populisms. Several of her writings can be found here.

Ph.D., Georgetown University 2010
M.A., Georgetown University 2004
Public Policy and Development Management
B.A., Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires 2000
Social Communication Sciences
Contact Information
(804) 287-6528