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 Ann C. Hodges
Ann C. Hodges
Professor Emerita
Interim Chair, Paralegal Studies
Courses Taught Employment Law Labor Law Alternative Dispute Resolution in the Workplace Employment discrimination Employment Lawyering Constitutional and Statutory Law of Public Employment Nonprofit Organizations

Professor Ann Hodges teaches and writes in the areas of labor and employment law, feminist legal theory, and nonprofit organizations. She is the co-author of West’s Principles of Employment Law and West’s Public Sector Employment: Cases and Materials and has written over two dozen articles, and numerous book chapters, on labor and employment related topics. Professor Hodges has served on the editorial board of the Employee Rights and Employment Policy Journal since 1996. She has been a member of the Labor Law Group, an invitation-only nonprofit organization for scholars and practitioners dedicated to producing high-quality materials to prepare students to practice labor and employment law, since 2007, and has served on its Editorial Committee since 2011. She is a frequent speaker at national symposiums on employment and labor law, and has made numerous presentations to academics, practitioners, nonprofit organizations, health care professionals, and cancer patients and their families. She is co-founder of the Legal Information Network for Cancer (LINC), a nonprofit organization that assists cancer patients and their families with the business side of cancer. Professor Hodges received the University of Richmond's Distinguished Educator Award in 1995 and again in 2009, and received the Black Law Students Association’s Willie L. Moore Award in 2006.

Elizabeth H. Beckman Award (2014)
Panelist, "Encore Faculty: Further Reflections on Preparing for Life Beyond the Legal Academy," AALS Annual Conference, AALS (January 2020)
Panelist, "Worklaw Reform: Federal Challenges, State Opportunities," AALS Annual Conference, AALS (January 2020)
Presenter, "Employment Law: Can the Employer Really Do That?," Phase II Orientation Seminar for Newly Appointed District Judges, Federal Judicial Law Center (February 2019)
Panelist, "Janus: Free Speech Victory or Monumental Misstep?," Free Speech Victor or Monumental Misstep?, Federalist Society (February 2019)
Co-Founder, Legal Information Network for Cancer
Consultant, Administrative Confernece of the United States (1993 - 1995)
Bar Admissions
Supreme Court of Illinois
United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit
United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit
United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois
Professional Experience
Professor Emerita of Law (2018 - present)
University of Richmond School of Law, Richmond, VA
Professor of Law (1994 - 2018)
University of Richmond School of Law, Richmond, VA
Associate Professor of Law (1991 - 1994)
University of Richmond School of Law, Richmond, VA
Assistant Professor of Law (1988 - 1991)
University of Richmond School of Law, Richmond, VA
Attorney (1981 - 1988)
Katz, Friedman, et. al., Chicago, IL
Field Examiner (1974 - 1978)
National Labor Relations Board, Peoria, IL
Journal Articles

The U.S. Labor Relations System after Janus v. AFSCME: An Early Assessment, Employee Responsibilities and Rights Journal (2021).

The Aftermath of Janus v. AFSCME: An Ongoing Assault on Public Sector Unions, American Constitution Society Issue Brief (2020).

Finding Yourself in Retirement, AALS Contributions 43 Journal of the Legal Profession 365 (2019).

Crossing the Thin Blue Line: Protecting Law Enforcement Officers Who Blow the Whistle, 52 U.C. Davis Law Review Online (with Justin Pugh) (2018).

Employee Voice in Arbitration, 22 Employee Rights and Employment Policy Journal 235 (2018).

Modernizing Disability Income for Cancer Survivors, 35 Hofstra Labor & Employment Law Journal 247 (2018).

Judicial "Amendments" Weaken U.S. Labor Protections, 24 International Union Rights (with Ellen Danin) (2017).

Imagining U.S. Labor Relations Without Union Security, 28 Employee Responsibilities and Rights Journal 135 (2016).

A Lawyer's Journey of Worker Advocacy and Faith, 19 Richmond Journal of Law and the Public Interest 325 (2015).

Cultural Determinants of Workplace Arbitration in the United States and Italy, 23 Tulane Journal of International and Comparative Law 37 (2014).

Trilogy Redux: Arbitration to Rebuild the Labor Movement, 98 Minnesota Law Review 1682 (2013).

Union Dues in the Public Sector: Legislative Changes and Legal Challenges, 30 Illinois Public Employee Relations Report (2013).

Anne Louise Hasselback, 47 University of Richmond Law Review 1 (2012).

Maintaining Union Resources in an Era of Public-Sector Bargaining Retrenchment, 16 Employee Rights and Employment Policy Journal 599 (2012).

Southern Solutions for Wisconsin Woes, 43 University of Toledo Law Review 633-654 (2011).

The Editor's Page, 27 American Bar Association Journal of Labor and Employment Law v-viii (2011).

The Sheathed Sword: Public-Sector Union Efficacy in Non-Bargaining States, 27 American Bar Association Journal of Labor and Employment Law 275 (2011).

Foreword, 12 Employee Rights and Employment Policy Journal 1 (2008).

Lessons from the Laboratory: The Polar Opposites on the Public Sector Labor Law Spectrum, 18 Cornell Journal of Law and Public Policy 735 (2008).

The Electronic Workplace, 12 Employee Rights and Employment Policy Journal 1 (with L. Hebert) (2008).

Pending Cases at the NLRB: The Implications for Employers and Unions, Views and Visions 14 (2007).

Bargaining for Privacy in the Unionized Workplace, 22 International Journal of Comparative Labour Law and Industrial Relations 147 (2006).

Strategies for Combating Sexual Harassment: The Role of Labor Unions, 15 Texas Journal of Women and the Law 183 (2005).

Mediation and the Transformation of American Labor Unions, 69 Missouri Law Review 365 (2004).

Introduction and Symposium Overview, 2 Richmond Journal of Global Law and Business 125 (2001).

Psychodynamic Factors in the Aetiology of Compensation Neurosis, 36 Medicine, Science and the Law 77 (1996).

Mediation and the Americans with Disabilities Act, 30 Georgia Law Review 431 (1995).

The Americans with Disabilities Act in the Unionized Workplace, 48 University of Miami Law Review 567 (1993).

The Steelworkers Trilogy in the Public Sector, 66 Chicago-Kent Law Review 631 (1990).


Principles of Employment Law (West 2) (with Rafael Gely) (2018).

Public Sector Employment: Cases and Materials, 3d ed. (Thomson West) (2016).

Book Chapters

Public Sector Innovations: Valuing Voice, in The Cambridge Handbook of U.S. Labor Law for the Twenty-First Century (Cambridge University Press) (2020).

Union Representation in Employment Arbitration, in Beyond Elite Law: Access to civil Justice in America (Cambridge University Press) (Samuel Estreicher et al., eds.) (2015).

Union Representation in Employment Arbitration, in Beyond Elite Law: Access to civil Justice in Americans of Average Means (Cambridge University Press) (Samuel Estreicher et al., eds.) (2014).

Disciplining Public Employees for Expressive Activity, in Encyclopedia of American Civil Liberties (Routledge) (2007).

Matters of Public Concern Standard in Free Speech Cases, in Encyclopedia of American Civil Liberties (Routledge) (2007).

Speech of Government Employees, in Encyclopedia of American Civil Liberties (Routledge) (2007).

The Limits of Multiple Rights and Remedies: A Call for Revisiting the Law of the Workplace, in Discrimination at Workplace: A Critical Study (The Icfai University Press) (2007) (reprinted from 22 Hofstra Labor & Employment Law Journal, 2004).

Blog Posts

Beware the unintended consequences of Janus, (ACS Blog) (February 2018).

Additional Publications

Professors' Update to Public Sector Employment: Cases and Materials (West Academic) (with Martin Malin et al.) (August 2019).

In the News

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Church Credit Cards: Picking a Card & Accepting Donations (CardHub)
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It's official: Richard Cordray is confirmed as nation's top consumer-credit watchdog (
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Employer Requests for Passwords on the Rise (The Heartland Institute)
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A new era for noncompetes (Virginia Business)
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B.S., University of North Carolina 1973
J.D., Northwestern University 1981
M.A., University of Illinois 1974
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