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Dr. Jeppe  von Platz
Dr. Jeppe von Platz
Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Jeppe's research focuses on political philosophy, political economy, and the history of philosophy. He has published on questions of distributive justice, the status of economic rights, just war theory, how we should respond to systemic injustices, and Kant’s practical philosophy. He is currently working on questions of distributive justice and the articulation and defense of a social democratic theory of justice.

Grants and Fellowships
Thanks to Scandinavia Fellowship, 2007-2008.

Benjamin Franklin Graduate Fellowship, University of Pennsylvania, 2006-07, ‘08-09, ‘10-11.

Beard Scholarship, University of Tennessee, Fall 2005.

Herman E. Spivey Fellowship, University of Tennessee, 2004-05.
American Philosophical Association Fred Berger Memorial Prize 2008. Awarded for the best paper in philosophy of law published in 2006-2007. I share this prize with David A. Reidy for our article “The Structural Diversity of Historical Injustices.”

Graduate Student Travel Award, American Philosophical Association, Central Division Meeting 2006, Pacific Division Meeting, 2009, Pacific Division Meeting, 2011.

Invited Talks

"What is the Social Democratic Alternative?", the Politics, Philosophy, and Economics Society Meeting, New Orleans, March 2017.

”Social Cooperation and Economic Rights: A Rawlsian Route to Social Democracy”, at American Philosophical Association, Central Division Meeting, Chicago, March 2016. Previously presented at The Political Theory Project, Brown University, April 2015.

“Kant and the Question of Economic Inequality”, XII International Kant Congress, Vienna, September 2015.

“Basic Economic Rights: Work, Education, and Healthcare”, IVR Conference, Washington DC, July 2015.

“A Rawlsian Theory of Basic Economic Rights”, Felician Ethics Conference, Felician College, April 2015.

“The Basic Liberties Revisited”, American Philosophical Association, Central Division Meeting, Chicago, February 2014.

“Singularity without Equivalence: on the relations between the formulae of the categorical imperative in Groundwork II”, Second Biennial Meeting of the North American Kant Society, Cornell University, May 2013.

“The Metaphysics of Vice”, Eastern Division Meeting of the North American Kant Association, Princeton, March 2012.

Conference Presentations

”Kantian Fairness”, Panel on Kant’s on Distributive Justice at the Politics, Philosophy, and Economics Society Meeting, New Orleans, March 2017

”A Truly Kantian Theory of Distributive Justice”, Colloquium on Kant’s Practical Philosophy, Brandeis University, June 2016.

”Robin Hood Justice”, MIT, Political Philosophy Colloquium, March 2016.

"A Savage Made: Rousseau on the Aims and Methods of Negative Education”, Philosophy of Education in Early Modern Philosophy, University of Pennsylvania, October 2015.

“Contractualism and Economic Liberty”, The Political Theory Project, Brown University, March 2014.

“From Justice to Fairness: Does Kant’s Doctrine of Right Imply a Theory of Distributive Justice?”, presented at Kant on Nature and Freedom, Brown University, October 2013. (Coauthored with Jerome Michael Nance; authorship was equally shared between us.)

“Are Economic Liberties Basic Rights?”, Political Philosophy Workshop, Brown University, February 2012.


“Social Cooperation and Basic Economic Rights: A Rawlsian Route to Social Democracy”, Journal of Social Philosophy, vol. 47, 3, fall 2016, pp. 288-308.

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Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania 2011
M.A., University of Tennesee 2006
M.A., Roskilde University, Denmark 2003
B.A., Roskilde University, Denmark 1999
Contact Information
102 North Court
(804) 289-8413
Areas of Expertise
Social and political philosophy
History of normative thought from Grotius to the present