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 Kevin C. Walsh
Kevin C. Walsh
Professor of Law
Courses Taught Constitutional Jurisprudence Constitutional Law Federal Courts First Amendment Law

Professor Kevin C. Walsh teaches and writes in the areas of federal jurisdiction and constitutional law. His scholarship focuses on doctrines that define the scope of federal judicial power, and has appeared in the Stanford Law Review, New York University Law Review, the University of Chicago Law Review, and the Notre Dame Law Review, among other venues. Prior to joining the Richmond Law faculty in 2009, Professor Walsh was a Visiting Assistant Professor at Villanova University School of Law. He also clerked for Associate Justice Antonin Scalia of the Supreme Court of the United States and for Judge Paul V. Niemeyer of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit.

Panelist, "Chief Justice John Marshall," The Role of the Chief Justice in American Constitutionalism, American Enterprise Institute (October 2019)
Presenter, "What Kind of Law Will It Take to Overturn Roe v. Wade in the Short Term?," Annual Conference, Catholic Bar Association (October 2019)
Panelist, "Key Cases of the Term," Supreme Court Preview: October Term 2019, American Constitution Society & Federalist Society (September 2019)
Presenter, "Supreme Court Review: Key Civil Cases in OT 2018," Law Clerk Training, Supreme Court of Virginia & Court of Appeals of Virginia (August 2019)
Presenter, "The Judicial Power of the United States: An Introduction," Teacher Workshop, National Constitution Center (July 2019)
Presenter, "The Judicial Power of the United States: An Introduction," Teacher Workshop, National Constitution Center (July 2019)
Presenter, "John Marshall's Legacy for the Vocation of Law," Open University, Shepherd's Center of Richmond (May 2019)
Presenter, "John Marshall: Hidden Hero of National Union," The Life and Legacy of John Marshall: A Symposium, Mosby Heritage Area Association (April 2019)
Moderator, "King of Crimes: The Treason Trial of Aaron Burr," Premiere Screening, John Marshall Foundation (April 2019)
Bar Admissions
U.S. Courts of Appeals for the Fourth and Sixth Circuits
United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia
Professional Experience
Professor of Law (2015 - present)
University of Richmond School of Law, Richmond, VA
Associate Professor of Law (2012 - 2015)
University of Richmond School of Law, Richmond, VA
Assistant Professor of Law (2009 - 2012)
University of Richmond School of Law, Richmond, VA
Visiting Assistant Professor of Law (2007 - 2009)
Villanova University School of Law, Villanova, PA
Associate (Litigation, IP, and Antitrust) (2004 - 2007)
Hunton & Williams LLP, Richmond, VA
Law Clerk to the Honorable Antonin Scalia (2003 - 2004)
Supreme Court of the United States, Washington, DC
Law Clerk to the Honorable Paul V. Niemeyer (2002 - 2003)
U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit
Journal Articles

Severability, Separation of Powers, and Agency Design, 2018 Jotwell: The Journal of Things We Like (Lots) 1 (2018).

The "Irish Born" One American Citizenship Amendment, 13 Duke Journal of Constitutional Law & Public Policy 57 (2018).

Kennedy’s Last Term: A Report on the 2017–2018 Supreme Court, First Things 25 (with Marc DeGirolami) (2018).

Adversity and Non-Contentiousness, 2017 Jotwell: The Journal of Things We Like (Lots) 1 (2017).

Enduring Originalism, 105 Georgetown Law Journal 97 (with Jeffrey Pojanowski) (2017).

Judicial Departmentalism: An Introduction, 58 William & Mary Law Review 1713 (2017).

Originalist Law Reform, Judicial Departmentalism, and Justice Scalia, 84 University of Chicago Law Review 2311 (2017).

The Limits of Reading Law in the Affordable Care Act Cases, 92 Notre Dame Law Review 1997 (2017).

"A Less Corrupt Term," Supreme Court Round-up for OT 2016, First Things (with Marc DeGirolami) (2017).

Equity, the Judicial Power, and the Problem of the National Injunction, 2016 Jotwell: The Journal of Things We Like (Lots) 446 (2016).

Glimpses of Marshall in the Military, 50 University of Richmond Law Review 69 (2016).

The Court After Scalia, 266 First Things 45 (2016).

Expanding Our Understanding of Narrowing Precedent, 2015 Jotwell: The Journal of Things We Like (Lots) 326 (2015).

Observations on MacDonald v. Moose, 65 South Carolina Law Review 951 (2014).

Building the Federal Judiciary, 2013 Jotwell: The Journal of Things We Like (Lots) 186 (2013).

Posner on Realist Judging, 2013 Jotwell: The Journal of Things We Like (Lots) 216 (2013).

The Ghost That Slayed the Mandate, 64 Stanford Law Review 55 (2012).

There Is No New General Common Law of Severability, 91 Texas Law Review See Also 49 (2012).

Procedural Values and the Mechanics of Federal Appeals, 2011 Jotwell: The Journal of Things We Like (Lots) 77 (2011).

Partial Unconstitutionality, 85 New York University Law Review 738 (2010).

Frames of Reference and the "Turn to Remedy" in Facial Challenge Doctrine, 36 Hastings Constitutional Law Quarterly 667 (2009).

The Science, Law, and Politics of Fetal Pain Legislation, 115 Harvard Law Review 2010 (2002).

Case Comment: INS v. St. Cyr, 115 Harvard Law Review 477 (2001).

KDM ex rel. WJM v. Reedsport School District, 114 Harvard Law Review 954 (2001).

Book Reviews

Without Evidence: Joel Richard Paul's John Marshall, Law and Liberty (December 2018).

Blog Posts

The New Anti-Catholicism, First Things (January 2019).

Magazine/Trade Publications

Health Care: Why Jurisdiction Matters, 24 Richmond Law 17 (2011).

Newspaper Articles

Opinion: Convervatives, Don't Put Too Much Hope in the Next Justice, The New York Times (with Marc DeGirolami) (July 2018).

Additional Publications

Everything But the Merits: Analyzing the Procedural Aspects of the Healthcare Litigation Allen Chair Symposium University of Richmond Law Review (November 2011).

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Doomsday forecasts aside, changes coming in 2012 (Richmond Times-Dispatch)
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A.B., Dartmouth College 1998
J.D., Harvard Law School 2002
M.A., University of Notre Dame 1999
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