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 Xiaobing  Shuai
Xiaobing Shuai
Adjunct Professor, Human Resource Management
Professional Experience
Senior Economist

Chmura Economics and Analytics


Shuai, X. (2015). Do economic development efforts benefit all? Business attraction and income inequality. The Review of Regional Studies, 45(1), 35-56.

Shuai, X., & Chmura, C. (2013). The effect of state corporate income tax cut on job creation. Business Economics, 48(3), 183-193.

Shuai, X. (2012). Does commuting lead to migration? The Journal of Regional Analysis and Policy, 42(3): 237-250.

Shuai, X. (2011). Will specialization continue forever? A case study of interactions between industry specialization and diversity. Annals of Regional Science. DOI 10.1007/s00168-011-0467-z.
Shuai, X. (2010). Who benefits from job creation at countly level? An analysis of leakage and spillover of new employment opportunities in virginia. Business Economics, 45(1), 38-48.
B.S., Fudan University
M.A., University of Wisconsin
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin
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